Test Results

Results for the ESAT and TMUA are reported on a scale that runs from 1 (low) to 9 (high) with scores being reported to one decimal place.

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Scores are statistically equated so that the results of candidates taking different versions of the test can be reported on a common scale.

For the ESAT, you will receive a separate score for each part that you take. For the TMUA you will receive a single overall score.

You will receive your results via your UAT-UK account approximately six weeks after the date of your test – a reminder email will be sent to let you know your results are available. You will also receive an explanation of results document giving more information about how to interpret your scores.

Your results will automatically be sent to any participating institutions included in your UCAS application. The way in which your results are used will depend upon the admissions processes of the courses to which you have applied, and most universities will use results alongside other information from your UCAS application when making admissions decisions.