Access Arrangements

Access arrangements for our tests are available for learning difficulties, disabilities, and other medical conditions. You should notify us of your access requirements before you book your test and provide appropriate documentary evidence.

Apply for Access Arrangements
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Candidate Eligbility

All applications for Access Arrangements must be supported with appropriate evidence, for example from a medical professional or a qualified specialist teacher.

The supporting evidence must give a clear outline of the disability, illness or learning difficulty and how this justifies the Access Arrangement(s) requested.

The supporting evidence must be legible and should be written in English, where possible. It must be on headed paper with an official stamp and signature of the medical practitioner or assessor. Make sure you are familiar with our policy and what is required before you apply.

Key Information about Access Arrangements

Access arrangements are available if you have a learning difficulty, a physical or mental disability, sensory impairment or other medical condition that might otherwise impact your ability to sit your test. UAT-UK’s full access arrangements policy can be viewed here.

You will need to make these arrangements in advance of your test. Please be advised to book your test as early as possible as the later in the registration window you book, the less chance there is that it will be possible to accommodate your access arrangements at your preferred time, day or test centre.

Requests for most access arrangements can take up to ten working days for UAT-UK to review. Requests for non-standard accommodations (see below) can take longer. It is your responsibility to apply for access arrangements with enough time for them to be approved before you make your booking. You are advised to apply at least 10 working days before you intend to book your test.

Please refer to Pearson VUE’s list of Permitted Comfort Aids for items that you can take into the test centre without approval. In some cases, they may be visually inspected before you sit your test.

General Accommodations at your Test Centre

There are other aids that you also do not need approval for. However, you should contact Pearson Customer Services ahead of your booking, to ensure they know you will need access to one of more of these things:

  • Wheelchair access
  • Adjustable height desks

These accommodations are subject to test centre availability.

Access Arrangements that require UAT-UK approval

The following arrangements will require you to get approval from the UAT-UK office in advance of your test:

  • Extra time –This may be applied if you require more time to read or process test information due to a disability, learning difficulty or long-term medical or mental health condition. Extra time is normally awarded as 25% of the test duration. Extra test time will not normally be approved if you are applying for additional time because English is not your first language or because of handwriting issues.
  • Rest breaks / pause the clock – Rest breaks are approved if needed to manage a disability during testing or a candidate needs to take certain medication or use comfort aids not permitted in the test room.
  • Separate room – this might be for the use of a reader/recorder (see below) or for another reason which justifies separate invigilation. This must be evidenced in the documentation you supply to UAT-UK. Separate rooms are also subject to availability at your preferred test centre.
  • Reader/Recorder – this is a person who reads the questions to you and/or types in your responses and can be offered in cases where your ability to read the test or use the computer to input your answers is impaired.
  • Access to medicine or other non-permitted comfort aids from your desk – this can be offered where there in an immediate need to access these items from your desk.
  • Use of a coloured overlay – this must be supplied by the candidates and will be approved where the standard adjustments to background colour, available to all candidates during their test, are not suitable. Please refer to our Access Arrangements Policy for more information about coloured overlays.
  • Other non-standard accommodations not listed here

The UAT-UK Access Arrangements Policy is aligned to the regulations set out by the UK Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). If you are currently in receipt of, or apply for, access arrangements outside of these regulations, you will normally be offered the equivalent UK reasonable adjustments for your disability.

Supporting Evidence

Please note that the UAT-UK office may request additional evidence if, in our view, the initial supporting documentation is not considered sufficient or in line with the requirements outlined here.

Candidates currently in education (or left education after 2021)

If you are currently in education (or left education after 2021) we require a signed letter (usually dated 2024) on headed paper from your current or most recent school/college or university, which should (as appropriate) confirm:

  • your disability.
  • the amount of extra time you require in public exams (e.g. 25%).
  • the amount of time for any rest breaks.
  • if you require separate invigilation.
  • any other accommodations you require in public examinations.
  • on what basis this has been agreed, for example a diagnosis from a qualified medical practitioner or an assessment by a registered psychologist or specialist teacher assessor.

In place of a letter, a copy of one of the following JCQ forms (all pages) usually not completed earlier than the start of Year 9 (the school year in which pupils become 14 years old) or equivalent and signed by the Head of Centre/SENCo/Assessor would be acceptable:

  • Form 8: Application for Access Arrangements – Profile of learning difficulties
  • Form 9: Profile of need

If you left education after 2021 but you are unable to get the required evidence from your most recent school/college or university, or you have been diagnosed since leaving, you can alternatively provide the evidence under the following section.

Candidates who left education before 2022

Learning difficulties – you must provide a full, post-16 diagnostic assessment report of that specific learning difficulty from a specialist teacher assessor or registered psychologist. It must explicitly recommend a specific amount of extra exam time (e.g. 25%) and/or other accommodations in public examinations.

Physical disabilities, medical conditions and/or sensory impairments – you must provide a recent letter (dated 2024) from your usual GP Practice or a specialist (e.g. a consultant or psychiatrist) which must (as appropriate):

  • include a clear outline of your disability.
  • explain how your disability would have an effect on your ability to sit a time-restricted, multiple choice, computer-based exam.
  • A recommendation for rest breaks or extra time (anything over 25% of the test duration must be strongly justified)
  • Any other accommodations required.
Event Deadline / Date

Applications for access arrangements for October 2024 test sitting open.

3rd June 2024

Test registration opens for October 2024 test sitting.

1st August 2024

October registration deadline for candidates requiring access arrangements

29th August 2024

Final date for submission of evidence for existing test bookings for the October sitting with access arrangements.

16th September 2024

Applications for access arrangements for January 2025 test sitting open.

23rd September 2024

Test registration opens for January 2025 test sitting.

24th October 2024

January registration deadline for candidates requiring access arrangements.

21st November 2024

Final date for submission of evidence for existing test bookings for the October sitting with access arrangements.

9th December 2024

Apply for Access Arrangements


Create a UAT-UK account on Pearson VUE

Your UAT-UK candidate ID number is required to make an application via the UAT-UK office. Returning candidates can use their existing candidate ID number. You should not book your test at this point.


Apply with the correct supporting evidence

You will need to fill out our Access Arrangements form. You should upload the supporting evidence required, in an accepted format, where possible.


Receive confirmation of your arrangements

The UAT-UK office will confirm approved access arrangements no later than ten working days after application for standard accommodations. It is your responsibility to ensure you factor in enough time before the registration deadline.


Book your test

You will then receive a call from Pearson VUE Customer Services, to book your test with your agreed access arrangements over the phone. If you have not uploaded all the evidence required, you will have two weeks after the registration deadline to provide this to UAT-UK otherwise your access arrangements will be cancelled, and your scheduled test will revert to a standard test booking.

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